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IN GAME Demand calculator, shipping

Postby SinFIXX » 10.07.2015, 23:01

It would be SO AMAZING to have a way, IN GAME, to see how much of each product is being CONSUMED by the population/production factory, PRODUCED by factories and the SUPPLY offloaded into warehouses.

Also some way to help with shipping. The menu for making shipping routes is poorly set up. For example, routes such as building supplies (or any route that is offloading 6 slots of goods to multiple islands)takes FOREVER to make. A simple "cut and paste" option for shipping destinations would fix this.

Speaking of "cut and paste" it would also be super cool to have a way to copy farm layouts into a 1 click and its all set up. Making a full island of tea(or really anything) and having to place EVERYTHING individually ends up taking so much time.
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