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Cannot get Mod to work

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Cannot get Mod to work

Postby OnaDeathWish » 08.01.2017, 18:36

I have had the mod working on previous versions of "Uplay", but the latest update by Ubisoft seems to have not allowed me to load the mod. I can get the game to work normally (original version), but now the mod just doesn't seem to want to load.
I have Uplay set to 'Offline Mode" and have tried uninstalling the mod and reinstalling the mod. I have even copied the whole "Ubisoft" folder and created a separate one just for the mod and installed the mod there and still does not load. The loading screen comes up and just hangs there with the icon in the bottom right hand corner spinning. The game will not load at all. I have the latest Version of Anno 2070 and am using the latest Version of A.R.R.C. mod.

Anyone have any ideas or suggestions?

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Re: Cannot get Mod to work

Postby Kopi » 18.03.2017, 19:17

This mod does not work anymore. Thanks to ubisoft ofcourse :(
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