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Mod doesn't load when playing offline.

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Mod doesn't load when playing offline.

Postby Craftypiston » 05.11.2015, 13:18

Somehow i can't get the mod to load. Does it still work with the current version of uplay?

I know i need to start the game in offline mode but it doesn't appear to work:

I can get the game to start in offline mode but it doesn't show an different menu? Does that still mean the mod is loaded?

Can you continue in an old world with this mod btw?
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Re: Mod doesn't load when playing offline.

Postby FadeToBlack » 07.11.2015, 03:40

If the menu did not change, then the mod is not loaded. You need to see the ARRC logo in the main menu.
Make sure that you properly installed the mod; I'd recommend deinstalling it completely in the software control panel, the ARRC mod should be listed there. Then install the mod again and start the game while Uplay is in offline mode. The main menu should look like this:
arrc menu.jpg

Note that the game is in offline mode now, but you may use Anno Cookie for online play.

What exactly do you mean by "old world"? I'm pretty certain that you may load maps that you created with older versions of the mod, but I haven't tested it using unmodded maps, although I'm sure this will work, too. Albeit some visual glitches may occur, they usually don't tamper with functionality :)
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