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Problem with Large Maps

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Problem with Large Maps

Postby leafonthewin » 01.02.2014, 05:48

Finally made an account for this. First I like to say that I love this mod and I am unsure if the problem is even with the mod or Anno 2070 in general.

My current game in a large map is almost unplayable. I did start the map in version 2.4 of A.R.R.C. and now I am on 2.071 of A.R.R.C. I can take the long load time and the crazy lag, but after an hour or two of play the game will crash due the lack of memory most time. Others times I get a run time errors. I find that Anno is only using up to 3.5 GB ram and only a single core of the processor. The way I see it, Anno is only built in 32bit and will not use the full amount of RAM and like most games will only use a single core.

So the question is, can anyone confirm this and if so is there a fix out there that will give Anno access to more than 4 GB RAM? Or is there a 64 bit version of Anno 2070 that I need to get (I got mine on steam)?

My system specs.
AMD FX-8350 4.00GHz
7790 2GB Video Card
Windows 7 Pro 64bit

You can see the game I am playing here:
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Re: Problem with Large Maps

Postby 0pupentium » 05.02.2014, 17:45

This is a error of the Anno 2070, it is present in the previous part of the game (1404).
This 32-bit OS uses about 3.5 GB of memory, 32-bit processes use no more than 2 GB of memory.
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