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Changes in the forum

PostPosted: 19.11.2013, 02:35
by Neo

  • The command center of the text has been added and can now be used in the signature.
  • The default language is now english. The language can be changed at the registration and in the user control panel into german.
  • YouTube videos can now be embedded in posts. For this purpose, the appropriate letter-number combination behind watch?v= must be entered, e.g. uIyqkKBOZwY.
  • Spoiler can now be created in your posts. To create nested spoiler it is necessary to use "Spoiler2" or "Spoiler3".
  • Forum ranks 1-7 added.

Re: Changes in the forum

PostPosted: 14.11.2014, 17:12
by Neo

  • The functionality about uploading Files has been added (e.g. pictures). You can upload 3 Files each post with a maximum file size of 1024 kb each file.
    You can find the area with the file upload below the "Submit" button in the "Full Editor".