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Language issues

Postby tagadatsouin » 03.08.2015, 20:22

Good evening!

I've been playing Anno for quite some time now and I only discovered the ARRC mod a few days ago and got to say I'm very impressed by what has been done by the developpers.

However, I have a few questions related to things I don't understand and maybe someone would be king enough to help me :)

I have a paid version of Anno 2070 and Deep Waters on my computer. To start it, I use Uplay. As I am French, the game has been in French since forever. However, I'm having an issue with ARRC as the specific data related to its features do not appears in tool tips.

I guess they dont appear as their would be a conflict between the french language of the game and the english language used in ARRC, is there anyway I can switch the whole game to English?

I've been reading through the forum that I'm not the only one having issues with air cargos. Sometimes, the game says the trading line does not work as the harbour of destination has been destroyed. Has there been any solution found to this problem? Cuz air cargos are freacking amazing for real...

As I have no information that appears concerning the new buildings provided by ARRC, i'm quite puzzled by the very first public building of the tech faction (it's the one which is build undewater located left to the community center logo). What is its use???

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