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General informations

What is the Tool "AnnoCookie"?

The tool "Anno cookie" is a third-party program. Normally you will find yourself automatically in offline mode when you start the game with modified files. To switch back to the online mode, the program can be used.

Attention: Because the program accesses and change the memory, some antivirus software detects the file as a threat. It is, however, a false alert. Use of the software is at your own risk.

How do I activate the free zoom or change the appearance to the window mode?

The free zoom allows the player to remove the limitation of the standard three zoom levels.
By pressing the "End" button, it is possible to zoom out much further than usual.
A couple of changes in the "engine.ini" file are needed, which is located in the following directory:


C:\Users\*Name*\AppData\Roaming\Ubisoft\ANNO 2070\Config
Open this file with any text editor (e.g. Notepad) and change the values ​​as follows:

Free zoom


Now you can use the "End" Key (above the arrow keys) to switch between the conventional and the free zoom.

Window mode


Anno 2070 uses the window mode, in which the window will pull any size, and can be maximized.
It is recommended to use a resolution which is smaller than the currently used desktop resolution.
Double-click on the window frame to maximize the window automatically.

Full screen window mode


Anno 2070 uses the full screen window mode, in which the window is displayed without a frame.
It is recommended to use the currently used desktop resolution.
Great for players with two or more monitors who love to play in full screen and still operate at the same time on the second monitor.

Installation Instructions

The installation is always via the installer included in the download. There are some options available from v2.00 on up that everyone can decide for themselves. You can choose for example which Iconpack you want to install. Furthermore, the normal versions, and the one with the abbreviation "a" are in the same Installer, so you select which you want.


The Installer saves all original files in a "BACKUP" folder which is located in the "Maindata" folder. So you don’t have to worry that any of the data will be lost. With the de-installation of the Mod all original data will be restored, so that you can continue with the game.

Attention: De-installation must be carried out via "Programs and Features" in the Control Panel!

Terms of use

Anno 2170 - A.R.R.C. is a modification created by users for "Anno 2070: Deep ocean".

The installation of the Mod will replace/overwrite the original data of "Anno 2070: Deep ocean". You will be able to reverse these changes by either uninstalling of the Mod or reinstalling of the game, also by restoring the previously backed up files.

The installation is done solely at your own risk.

Neither the creator of this modification, nor the author of the installation program or the distributors of this software can be held liable in any way do to possibly incurred damage to the system or other programs.

Download A.R.R.C. - Version 2.11

Only for Anno version 3.00.8051

Installer - Mirror #1: Download via

Installer - Mirror #2: Download via (recommended)

Download "AnnoCookie" [Tool]

AnnoCookie is no longer needed since Anno 2070 version 3.00.8051

It may happen that some virus programs report this tool incorrectly as a threat.
Usage is at your own risk!

AnnoCookie v0.30 - Mirror #1: Download via

AnnoCookie v0.30 - Mirror #2: Download via (recommended)

AnnoCookie v0.32 - Mirror #1: Download via

AnnoCookie v0.32 - Mirror #2: Download via (recommended)