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Welcome to Anno 2170 A.R.R.C.


The project "Anno 2170: A.R.R.C. - Advanced Research - Reformed Content" is a Modifikation for "Anno 2070".
Use the navigation menu "A.R.R.C." to receive all informations about the project.


06.07.2014 - Update to version 2.08 (Translated by Thindu)

Vorschau-Video zum Update 2.08 von Annothek

  • During the Mod-Installation a shortcut for uninstallation is created automatically in the installation folder.
  • The version number of the A.R.R.C Mod (e.g. A.R.R.C. - Command HQ 2.08) can now be seen in the menu of Anno 2070.
  • New Building: "Harbor-Depot" is a warehouse in the harbor area and sends transport units to get wares.
  • New Building: "Airfield" offers now the possibility to land, to fill up and repair airplanes on islands and can be build in 3 different sizes.
  • "Harbor-Airfield" has been modified:
    • The integrated quay wall is now a part of the model.
    • Conventional quay walls don't connect itself to Harbor-Airfields anymore.
    • The textures have been modified and should fit better now.
    • On mid and huge Airfields it is now also possible to land Hawks and Choppers.
  • Diagonal docks of the "Clearance Terminal" and the ornament category "Marinas" have now a quay wall that should make it easier to build.
  • Monuments: All monuments have now the same maintenance-, energy and ecobalance costs because the functionallity of each monument is the equal to the others.
  • Metal Converter: The range of the Metal Converters have been increased by 50%. (Add-On only)
    Already builded converters have to be replaced for the changes to take effect.
Harbor city
  • Basically changes in the harbor area that make the build of harbor cities much easier and better.
    (Hint: The folling changes of harbor city buildings take only effect after the buildings have been replaced or a new game is started.)
    • Harbor city centers now offer increased influence radius to build in the harbor area. There is no need to build port authorities anymore.
    • All monuments also offer increased influence radius to build in the harbor area. There is no need to build additional city centers.
      (With momuments it is now possible to create big harbor cities without the need of port authorities.)
    • Quay walls and harbor ornaments can now be build in the influence radius of city centers, monuments, port authorities and harbor-depots.
Ornamental buildings
  • A new category "Water channel" has been added and includes 16 new elements that can be build on islands.
  • A new category "Laser fence" has been added and includes 21 new elements in 3 sizes and 7 colors which can be build on island, underwater and in the harbor area.
  • The ornament building "Eden Flagpole I" and "Global Trust Flagpole I" and its harbor versions have been modified so that it is now possible to build them in 17 different colors (All player colors of Anno 2070).
  • A wider variation of Flatscreen-Gates has been added to be also available to build them on rivers.
Trading Airplanes
  • Trading airplanes are modified to be mearly treated as ships whith some advantages:
    • It is now possible to socket items of ships except items for catastrophe protection.
    • It is now possible to throw wares and upgrades overboard.
    • An issue has been fixed where it was not possible to remove socketed items.
  • The flight characteristics and the movement speed of "Orca" and "Cobra" have been adjusted.
  • On the trading airplane "Orca" the textures has been modified a bit and the capacity of each ware slot has been increased to 60t.
  • Trading airplanes are now available to trade with all kind of arks.
  • All drones of the Drone Base have been modified with new textures.
  • All drones are no longer immune to EMP attacks.
  • The added chimney smoke of some ships from update 2.07 has been removed.
  • 3 new upgrades for the building "Electronic Recycler" have been added. (Add-On only)
  • An issue has been fixed where the "Coal Factory" had a higher need of wood than provided.
  • An issue has been fixed where the upgrade "Vegetable replicas" was shown twice in the the research menu in games without add-on.
  • An issue has been fixed where the upgrade "Automated Transport facilities" was not available for research.
  • An issue has been fixed where the upgrades of the Fishery didn't work on Deep ocean-Fisheries.
  • An issue has been fixed where some ultimatums occured by mistake.
  • An issue has been fixed where some ornamental buildings could be build on foreign underwater islands.
  • An issue has been fixed where some ships couldn't found new islands.
  • An issue of the general game has been fixed where Seamus Green provided wrong rewards for quests.
  • Some translations of the english and russian language have been corrected.

19.02.2014 - Download problems and the silence about A.R.R.C. (Mostly translated with Google)

Many of you are probably wondering: when will release the next update 2.08? What is about the silence about A.R.R.C. in the last weeks?

But do not panic! The work on the upcoming update are still in progress, but I had to pause this recently for the time being. The reason for this is: I am currently in relocation stress. Middle of March is finally the move to take place in April and it will then go on as usual, if everything works out the way I imagine it. In the period until then shall ye also rarely an answer from me in the forum, so I apologize for any inconvenience.

Thanks goes also to our new partner from the domain! Because now we can offer you another download mirror to prevent the current download problems, until we have found the cause.

Until then, I wish you all the best and have fun with Anno 2170 - A.R.R.C.!
Our moderator Jonas is in the meantime strengthens the position of holding the forum until everything up and running again as usual. :)

04.12.2013 - The new supply and demand calculator from the year 2170

Before there was only an external link to the old calculator from Elodia. Now, this extremely useful tool has been completely revised, improved and integrated into the website and also, the language English is supported now. Thus, you can now access directly here on the website and calculate your needs for goods comfortable.
Now you can easily and simply decide, wether you play with or without the A.R.R.C. Mod or wich alternative production building do you want to build.

The calculator now includes all new production buildings up to version 2.071. Simply use the navigation menu under "Datasheet".

In this sense, thank you very much for this great work, Elodia! :)

02.12.2013 - Update to version 2.071 [Hotfix]

  • A bug in which the smoke of ship chimneys was not shown, has been fixed.
  • A bug in which the projectiles of the artillery ship were not shown, has been fixed.
  • Habor-Airfields generate an error message about allegedly undelivered goods.
    The red alert above the building was suppressed to a final solution.
    A text message when targeting with the mouse remains.
    We ask for your patience and understanding until we have a solution to this problem.

01.12.2013 - Update to version 2.07 / Map pack update 4.3 (News are mostly translated by google)

It took a long, but now it's finally, the expected last update in the year 2013. Primarily this update should only fix a lot of bugs, but are nevertheless still added some interesting contents over time. In addition to several new buildings, units, decorative elements and optical improvements, the Russian players can look forward to the support of the Russian language now. At this point again Special thanks to the translator "0pupentium".

Since the new forum is used excellent and always adding new good suggestions, of course, many of which have been implemented directly. So we hope that the forum will continue to be used as good as before, and we hope it stays that way. A summary of all suggestions can be found in the relevant collection thread in the forum. With a little luck then is your suggestion in the next update of it! :)

Also our partner "DaLexy" updated the popular map pack up to date. Thus, the map pack is now finally usable for maps that are created without add-on. Also the problems about create maps in the past are solved. To make the whole easiest for all, the map pack is now also known as optional content in the installer of the A.R.R.C. Mod. Consequently, it is longer necessary to add the map pack manually with the RDA-Explorer.

We wish you a lot of fun and hope you like it! :)

  • The mod now supports the Russian language.
    (Many thanks to the translator "0pupentium")
  • A.R.R.C. main menu video has been changed slightly.
  • A.R.R.C. channel video of the ornamental buildings was replaced by the main menu video.
  • The maximum number of colonizing NPC´s (Tilda Jorgensen, Thor Strindberg etc.) in continuous games has been increased.
    (The number depends on the map size: small=2, medium=4, large=6)
    (Many thanks to "Judekw" for the information)
  • The radius in which trees will be deleted (during the construction of buildings), has been decreased to 1.
  • New building: "Habor-Airfield" in 3 different sizes for "Chopper", "Hawk" and "Firebird",
    allows landing facilities for aircraft in the harbor area. (it is able to repair and refuel aircraft, the latter only if a street connection to a port authority exists)
  • New building: "Drones base", used for the production of drones, can be used as a support unit.
    (see units)
  • New building: "Coal factory", requires wood for the production of coal.
    Production ratio for 100% utilization: 1x Coal factory = 2x Sawmill
  • New building: "Limestone factory", requires coral for the production of limestone. (Add-On only)
    Production ratio for 100% utilization: 1x Limestone factory = 2x Coral breeder
  • New building: "Shield generator 2.0", improved shield generator with doubled range but with the same shield strength.
  • "Shield generator" can now be built as a "Habor-Shield generator" also in the harbor area.
  • "Flak" can now be built as a "Habor-Flak" also in the harbor area.
  • "Missile launch pad" can now be built as a "Habor-Missile launch pad" also in the harbor area.
  • "Energy transmitter" can now be built as a "Habor-Energy transmitter" also in the harbor area.
  • "Gas turbine power plant": is now only available from civilization stage 2 of the techs.
  • "Fusion power plant": is now only available in classic games from 2000 researchers an in Add-On games from 1 genius.
  • All trading aircraft are now in a position to trade with the neutral parties.
    (Trenchcoat, Yana Rodriguez, Rufus Thorne and Prof. Dr. Salman Devi)
  • The ship "Hercules" (Keto´s Anaconda) has been renamed to "Hercules Mark II".
  • An older version of the ship "Hercules" (up to v2.04) was reimplemented as "Hercules Mark I". (4 Item slots, no landing platform)
  • 6 new aircraft ("Drones"), each unit consists of a swarm of 3 drones.
    (Drones only have 50 health points, are extremely fast and consumes no fuel)
    • "Battle-Drone": Attack power of 5 and is able to hijack enemy ships.
    • "EMP-Drone": Can temporarily paralyze enemy units with the EMP module, EMP power is comparable to Trimaran.
    • "Stealth-Drone": Is permanently cloaked, is able to reveal enemy stealth units.
    • "Protector-Drone": Is able to repair surrounding ships.
    • "Detonator-Drone": Can trigger a self-destruct and thus inflict considerable damage surrounding units and buildings.
    • "Invader-Drone": Is able to take over enemy warehouses, effect size comparable to "Hawk".
  • Container ships of the Ecos, Tycoons and Rufus Thorne now have a significantly faster rate of turn.
    (except are ships for escort quests)
  • Build costs of "Cargo Liner" und "Container ship" has been increased.
Ornamental buildings
  • 7 new types of lighting has been added to another new category "Searchlight 2.0".
    (Land- habor- and underwater version)
  • 2 new types of fences (Eco- and Tycoon fence) has been added in the category "Scaffolds & fences".
  • 10 new types of animal species has been added to another new category "Animals".
  • 8 new variations of trees in the form of fir has been added to the category "Vegetation".
    (Land- and habor version)
  • 1 new ornamental street (for harbor) has been added to the category "Streets".
  • 1 new ornamental building, consisting of a combination of flat screens has been added to the category "Flat Screens".
    (is frequently used by Thor Strindberg)
  • The dome of the "Drones base" has been added as ornamental building to the category "Tech buildings".
  • 1 new island-wide upgrade "High performance turbines" for the "Gas turbine power plant" has been added.
    (+25% Productivity boost)
  • The model and the textures of "Sand-processing plant" has been changed.
    (already existing buildings in the savegame needs to be rebuilt)
  • The textures of the "container ship" of the Ecos has been changed fundamentally, that of tycoons was adapted.
    (except are ships from NPC´s)
  • When erect buildings in the harbor area, no more wooden beams now be automatically placed in the water.
  • For all ships which have a chimney, smoke clouds are now displayed.
    (Viper, Container ship, Colossus, Helios, Hercules)
  • The model of the submarine "Virginia" has been reduced by 30% and slightly changed.
Build menu
  • Ornamental Category "Street accessory & workers" has been renamed to "Street accessory & creatures".
  • "Hydroelectric power plant" has been moved to the civilization stage 2 of the techs.
  • All energy producing buildings of the civilization stage 2 of the techs had been combined into one group.
  • A bug in which some upgrades of habor and underwater academies could not be researched, has been fixed.
  • A bug in which some Habor-Academies are not favored by Habor-Geniuses' residence, has been fixed.
  • A bug in which some Tech-residences were charged the wrong amount of ressources during the demolition or ascent, has been fixed.
  • A bug in which some english descriptions of the upgrades ("Deep ocean-Research complex") are not displayed, has been fixed.
  • All upgrades of type "Environment regulation" of the "Deep ocean-Research complex" are no longer affect ecobalance buildings.
  • The upgrade "Maintenance unit" favored now laboratories and relics laboratories correctly.
  • The Ark upgrades "Gun upgrade" and "Global Gun upgrade" are now work correctly for all combat ships.
  • The description of the upgrade "Improved nuclear fission" has been renamed correctly to "Improved nuclear fusion".
  • "Wind park 'Jorgensen'" now requires the correct build area like the other ornamental buildings.
  • "Habor-Summer tree" can now be built insde the blocking area of the other harbor buildings (previously only with "Habor-Autumn tree")..
  • Tooltips of the Virginia "Spectral Mask" has been corrected and shows some informations about the function now.
  • The upgrade "Maintenance tanks" of the "Raw oil power plant" has been renamed to "Low-friction gas turbine".
  • The uprades who are needed to end an activity of Black Smokers has been re-added in the academy. (Classic game only)
  • The calculations for the building costs of all harbor buildings which have quay walls included, has been corrected.

17.11.2013 - The new forum is here! (News are mostly translated by google)

Since the new domain is now fully available, I could finally finish with "Elodia" the new forum of the mod project. Thus you can now also create topics and everything that goes with it. So many thanks also to "Elodia"!

Therefore soon the category "User Feedback" omitted from the homepage, as this area was totally confusing. So I hope that we can accommodate any user feedback to the new forum in the future. Of course the Ubisoft forum will still continue to be used in parallel, but it makes it perhaps a little more clearly. especially the new board "suggestions" will hopefully be used much, because, unfortunately, often your suggestions and recommendations are read over here in the Ubisoft forums or even go under completely.